The Päiväranta croft is a former farm now used by hikers on the Nurmes island. It is being developed into a hiking and cultural heritage destination for schoolchildren and other groups. An exhibition on local cultural heritage was opened in summer 2013 in the cowshed of the farm owned by the municipality of Rauma. Päiväranta has a pier and dry toilet and is connected to the hiking trails on the Nurmes and Aikonmaa islands. In recent years, grazing sheep and Eastern Finncattle, a native Finnish breed, have contributed to landscape management in Päiväranta. Päiväranta can be reached by boat or water taxi. There is no marked boating route to Päiväranta.


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Coordinates (WGS84): P 61˚10, 918' I 21˚23, 566'

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Keywords: Satama, Rakennusperintö, Näyttely, Käymälä