The timber produced by the sawmill was transported on rails to the harbour, from the timberyard located north-west of Risunnokka. Production at the sawmill peaked in 1920, when 47,000 cubic metres of timber were shipped. In the harbour, it was possible to simultaneously load as many as four ships with a draught of over five metres. Ships anchored further out, in the roadstead, could be even larger. On the shore in the harbour, there are rocks of foreign origin, such as flint, brought along with ballast. Please leave all stones on the shore for future generations to see and enjoy. There are also remains of piles and other pier structures made of timber. Higher up on the cliffs, you can still see rings used for mooring ships.

The water depth in the harbour is approximately three metres, making the harbour accessible even for larger boats.

Nearby attractions: South pier and sawmill of Kaunissaari, Katavankari, Vegetation, Risunnokka of Kaunissaari, , Kaunissaari Market place

Coordinates (WGS84): P 61˚14, 178' I 21˚32, 707'

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Keywords: Satama, Saha, Västäräkki (Motacilla alba)