Säppi pilot station (Säppi, Eurajoki)

The buildings of the Säppi pilot station are located on the western shore of the island, separate from the lighthouse’s surroundings. Completed in 1871 and equipped with a large lookout tower, the one-storied pilot station house is a typical example of the pilot station houses built in the late 1800s. Similar houses can be found in other locations in Finland. The present pilot station house corresponds to the original plan, but has been renovated several times. A sail storage shed/storehouse is located next to the pilot station house, and a sauna made of timber in the 1960s lies on its eastern side. The pilot station house was originally faced with horizontal boards, and its tower with vertical boards. At present, the house has a seam metal roof, and the tower is also faced with metal. The four-pane windows of the tower have been replaced with single-pane windows. The pilot station was manned every year, while the sea remained open, until 1955, when the station’s operations were terminated.

Nearby attractions: Hanhisto meadow and land uplift, Seaside herb-rich forest, Säppi Lighthouse's tower , Säppi lighthouse island, Säppi lighthouse island

Coordinates (WGS84): P 61˚28, 659' I 21˚20, 369'

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Keywords: Rakennusperintö, Luotsi