The pilotage profession is believed to have arrived on Isokari in the 18th century when the treacherous shallows around the island were marked with huge cairns to prevent shipwrecks. The first pilots settled in a cove sheltered by rocks on the mainland-side of the island. Each pilot was given a plot of land around the bay and permission to build a house there. The single-storey pilot house with its imposing watchtower was built in 1858. A close-knit community of four families, which became known as the Isokari pilot village, grew up on the north side of the pilot house. The old pilot house was in use until a new pilotage station was built in 1965. The old pilot house now serves as a holiday let.

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Coordinates (WGS84): P 60˚43, 242' I 21˚1, 488'

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