Ouraluoto Pilot station in winter (Ouraluoto, Merikarvia)

If the ice cover is good, Ouraluoto can be accessed on skis from the mainland. You can make a fire in the barbecue hut on the western side of the island using firewood provided by the municipality of Merikarvia. Ouraluoto is one of the outermost islands of the Oura archipelago, and the sea west of the island often remains unfrozen. More information from the Merikarvia tourist info site.

Nearby attractions: A summers view over Ouraluoto island, Pilot station of Ouraluoto, Ouraluoto Pilot station, A winters view over Ouraluoto island

Coordinates (WGS84): P 61˚49, 971' I 21˚20, 1'

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