Lighthouse Kylmäpihlaja (Kylmäpihlaja, Rauma)

The Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse was the last lighthouse built as a manned lighthouse in Finland. Completed in 1953, the lighthouse was built to guide post-war ships with a greater draught into a deeper sea channel. The nearby Santakari daymark had guided ships towards the old channel which was too shallow for new ships, making the new 36-metre-high lighthouse necessary. The lighthouse also served as a pilot station. Today, its premises and the entire island are open to visitors. In addition to visitors interested in cultural history, the island is also an excellent destination for bird watchers. 

Nearby attractions: Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse´s lens room, Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse island,

Coordinates (WGS84): P 61˚8, 662' I 21˚18, 145'

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