Katavankari affords a spectacular sea view. Storms sometimes bring various items of debris onto its rocky shores. On the day when these photographs were taken, an entire pier was found in Katavankari. Katavankari has magnificent old herb-rich forests, and herb-rich forests on mineral soils. These are in their natural state and contain old, decaying trees. Large decaying trees provide habitats for a rich variety of insects, fungi and birds. The abundant and diverse insect fauna of a forest in its natural state is an important component of many food chains. As such, it forms the basis for an abundance of vertebrates, such as birds, amphibians and reptiles. 

Nearby attractions: South pier and sawmill of Kaunissaari, Vegetation, Northern harbour, Risunnokka of Kaunissaari, , Kaunissaari Market place

Coordinates (WGS84): P 61˚14, 294' I 21˚31, 553'

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Keywords: Lehto, Saha