Nature and scenery of Isokari (Isokari, Kustavi)

Isokari’s nature is extremely diverse both in terms of flora and fauna. The island’s landscape varies from barren hills and birch copses to marshy dales and rocky pine forest. Old human settlements and especially livestock grazing and the associated harvesting of fodder for the winter have contributed to the diversity of vegetation on the island, which has otherwise remained remarkably untouched by human activity. Approximately four hundred different species of plants have been found on Isokari. These include yellow bedstraw (Galium verum), which was traditionally used to alleviate the sufferings of women in childbirth and in coffins at funerals to mask the smell of death. Moonworts (Botrychium) are another common genus of plants found on Isokari. The island also boasts some rare species such as bog myrtle (Myrica gale) and sticklewort (Agrimonia eupatoria). Other species include the maiden pink (Dianthus deltoides), stonecrops (Sedum) that used to be ground into a coffee-like beverage during times of famine and St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), which was used to improve the flavour of rectified spirit.

Herb-rich forest. The inner parts of the island began to grow more wooded when livestock grazing stopped in the 1960s. The island’s rocky shores and routes meandering between the rocks have nevertheless escaped forestation. The lighthouse keepers and pilots used to allow their livestock to roam freely on the island. The meadows were divided for making hay. The lighthouse keepers pooled their resources but the pilots split their hay between them. The fishing waters around the island were also divided into segments which were fished for 24 hours at a time during fishing seasons.


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Coordinates (WGS84): P 60˚43, 184' I 21˚1, 1'

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