Säppi lighthouse island (Säppi, Eurajoki)

The Säppi island is one of the outermost and largest islands off the coast of Luvia. The distance from the mainland to this 150-hectare island is 6.5 kilometres. The lighthouse community is an exceptionally well preserved example of a 19th century manned lighthouse. In an interesting manner, it reflects the self-sufficient lifestyle of lighthouse keepers. Together with the pilot station, the lighthouse community forms an important cultural environment. You can reach the island by your own boat or a taxiboat. The island’s boat harbour is still located in the same place in which it was built in the early 1870s. A special feature of Säppi is a wild mouflon (Ovis aries) population, which originates from species introductions.


Nearby attractions: Hanhisto meadow and land uplift, Seaside herb-rich forest, Säppi pilot station, Säppi Lighthouse's tower , Säppi lighthouse island

Coordinates (WGS84): P 61˚28, 746' I 21˚20, 545'

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Keywords: Satama, Rakennusperintö, Majakka