Iso-Enskeri, half of which is included in the Bothnian Sea National Park, is a beautiful island with diverse nature. It has an excursion harbour (number 1372), 1.3-km long nature trail, campfire site, dry toilet and cooking shelter. There is also a good swimming place on the island. The depth of the fairway to the pier is 2 metres.

Nearby attractions: A dense Norway spruce forest in Iso-Enskeri, Low-lying south-western shore of Iso-Enskeri, Camp fire site of Iso-Enskeri, Devil's field of Iso-Enskeri,

Coordinates (WGS84): P 61˚40, 573' I 21˚22, 557'

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Keywords: Ranta, Satama, Nuotiopaikka, Luontopolku