Isokari has its own tour operator that organises tours of the lighthouse in the summer. The island also has a training and activity centre with exhibitions focusing on the island’s history and culture. Isokari can be accessed by private boat or a ferry in the summer. The channel leading to the marina is three metres deep, and the marina has 10 berths for side-on mooring. Isokari has a sheltered marina on the west coast of the island. The mooring style at the marina is side-on. There are no electricity supply points on the quay. During high season, the right-hand side (looking at the marina from the sea) of the permanent concrete quay is reserved for cruise vessels. (Berths cost EUR 5/day or EUR 10 for 24 hours. The price includes mooring, access to a barbecue area with firewood and use of the toilets. Mooring charges are payable to the café.) The Bothnian Sea National Park is a litter-free zone so please take your rubbish with you! Guided tours of the lighthouse and the island start from the marina. Each tour is approximately 90 minutes long. For more information about tourist services, please visit the tour operator’s website.

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Coordinates (WGS84): P 60˚43, 323' I 21˚1, 713'

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