Electricity was installed in the Isokari lighthouse in 1952. A set of lenses made in Paris in 1872 that had been previously used in the Marjaniemi lighthouse were installed at the same time and remain in use to this day. The lighthouse was initially connected to the island’s own power station and eventually, around midsummer 1995, to the national grid. The last lighthouse master on Isokari was Rainer Wallenius, a fifth-generation lighthouse keeper. He left the island in 1990, and the lighthouse has not been manned since.

Nearby attractions: Nature and scenery of Isokari, Pilot house and the pilot community of Isokari, The top of the lighthouse of Isokari, Isokari lighthouse island, Isokari lighthouse and guard station island, , , Isokari marina,

Coordinates (WGS84): P 60˚43, 94' I 21˚0, 696'

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