Isokari is an island with an area of approximately 180 hectares located in the southern parts of the Bothnian Sea in the municipality of Kustavi. The island belongs to the Seksmiilari Archipelago, and it is dominated by a red-and-white-striped lighthouse that rises 49.4 metres above sea level. The lighthouse was built in 1833, and it is the second tallest lighthouse in Finland after Bengtskär. Isokari also boasts a fascinating diversity of habitats. In addition to rocky shores, the island has herb-rich broad-leaved forest, dry grassland and peatland meadows. Isokari also has cultural significance: The island reflects the lifestyle of the people who have been responsible for the safety and security of Finland’s outlying islands and maritime industry over the last two hundred years and how their work has changed over time. Isokari has a tour operator that runs a café in the summer and rents out cottages and a sauna. The island can be accessed by private boat or a ferry in the summer. There is also an island cruise that operates from Uusikaupunki. The distance between Isokari and Uusikaupunki is approximately 22 kilometres by sea

Nearby attractions: Nature and scenery of Isokari, Pilot house and the pilot community of Isokari, The top of the lighthouse of Isokari, The top of the lighthouse of Isokari, Isokari lighthouse and guard station island, , , Isokari marina,

Coordinates (WGS84): P 60˚43, 76' I 21˚0, 684'

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