Devil's field of Iso-Enskeri (Iso-Enskeri, Pori)

This magnificent devil’s field, an ancient rocky shore, lies on the north-eastern shore of the island. Devil’s fields are rock or boulder fields with coarse-grained till or other rocky material. They were formed by interaction between changes in water levels and land uplift. When water washes the shores, it filters soils by their particle size. As a result of land uplift, the distance between a devil’s field and the present shoreline can be fairly long. The ominous name ‘devil’s fields’ originates in the belief that the devil himself was responsible for creating these boulder fields.

Nearby attractions: A dense Norway spruce forest in Iso-Enskeri, Low-lying south-western shore of Iso-Enskeri, Iso-Enskeri harbour, Camp fire site of Iso-Enskeri,

Coordinates (WGS84): P 61˚40, 936' I 21˚22, 269'

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Keywords: Muinaisranta, Pirunpelto