The Danish Brita Dan was approaching Rauma to take on a pulp cargo when it was grounded in a violent storm off Santkari at 6.05am on 7 November 1964. The ship had long been awaiting a pilot, when its stern suddenly struck an underwater rock and the vessel lost its steering. At 6.20am, the engine room began to fill with water and the engine stopped. Both anchors were dropped and a distress message was sent. At 10.45am, the bow had already clearly risen and the crew began to transfer to the rescue vessels that had arrived. The captain and nine crew members remained aboard. At noon, the ship began to list severely. Half an hour later, those still on board had to abandon ship and leap into the water. Boat RV-22 of the Coast Guard District and a pilot cutter began to pick the men up from the water. However, not all of them could be saved; two seamen, one 24 years old and the other 33 years old, and a 50-year-old motorman sank with the ship.


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Coordinates (WGS84): P 61˚6, 656' I 21˚15, 667'

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