Flads are reedy, nutrient-rich and shallow bays. As a result of land uplift, they separate gradually from the sea and form water pools connected to the sea through one or several waterways or straits. Characteristics of a flad in good condition include a well-developed benthic flora, spawning coastal fish species and no impact by runoff from the catchment. Flads are often important to fish as spawning areas and environments for fry. Although the bottoms of flads are often nutrient-rich, their water is clear, since the abundant benthic flora is effective at binding nutrients. An area in which a flad is no longer connected with the sea and the water is fresh is called a glo. 

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Coordinates (WGS84): P 61˚12, 905' I 21˚22, 521'

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Keywords: Video, Flada, Mukulanäkinparta (Chara aspera), Merinäkinruoho (Najas marina ssp. intermedia)