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Name Location Municipality
Riitsaranlahti Pori
Munakari Pori
Yyteri wetlands Pori
Big Räyhä Räyhä islands Pori
Iso-Enskeri harbour Iso-Enskeri Pori
Herrainpäivät Pori
Katava Pori
Herrainpäivät Pori
Gummandoora Pori
Herrainpäivät Pori
Seliskeri Pori
Reposaari Pori
Iso-Enskeri Pori
A dense Norway spruce forest in Iso-Enskeri Iso-Enskeri Pori
Camp fire site of Iso-Enskeri Iso-Enskeri Pori
Devil's field of Iso-Enskeri Iso-Enskeri Pori
Eastern Räyhä Räyhä islands Pori
Low-lying south-western shore of Iso-Enskeri Iso-Enskeri Pori
North-West Räyhä Räyhä islands Pori
Quest harbour Marina Merilokki Reposaari Pori
The dunes of Yyteri Yyteri Pori