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Koivuniemen Herran MuuMaa - A Living Farm for Children

Merikarvia is situated close to the sea in, about 45 km up the coastline from Pori.

Old family farm of Sirkkaliisa and Markku Koivuniemi specialises in arranging country holidays for families with children among river, field and forest scenery. In this peasant style yard milieu there is a place to do things which is `more country than town´ (from “a home pig to a silky chinchilla and living garter”, and from hay jumping to oats swimming and a tractor – ride ).

Children can participate in animal care, e.g. milking, caring for chickens, grooming horses. Many arranged programmes included in holiday, e.g. river trips and traditional crafts and skills. You can choose between half-board and bed and breakfast in different kind of cottages, or camp on the farm or just visit the domestic animal park.

Other services Cafe, Meals upon order, Paddling, Sauna, Youth camps, Nature camps

Transportation to following destinations Ouraluoto

Website http://www.koivuniemenherra.fi

Phone 040 533 8057

Email info@koivuniemenherra.fi

Address Rantatie 116, 29900 Merikarvia